Sunday, November 4, 2012

Some ideas on classes, other boring stuff

Rad Astra or, as it's more commonly translated "Awesomely to the Stars!" is based largely on exploitation tropes from terrible movies and other detritus that I love (see previous, all-caps-shouting post).

So the base rules will be X-plorers as it's the simplest solution for anyone else who wants to pick it up and tweak for their game of choice. Plus the game is just super easy/fun to play.

I'm ripping out all the "mega corporations in space!" setting material from the game (which is like, a whole page and a half!) and substituting poorly thought out space opera aesthetics. Here are some planned classes:
  • Starbuckler (rogue/bounty hunter/pirate type, same skills but different sides of the law)
  • Astrosassin (spy, secret agent, ninja, assassin -- formal martial arts training is a prerequisite)
  • Starbarian (space barbarian, -- melee weapon swingin' grunt in a gundark loin cloth)
  • Starlocke (space warlock/witch -- magical manipulator of the physical laws of the universe)
  • Conartisan (noblemen, diplomat, gambler, grifter, huckster, companion, salesforce minion, politician, spam king, Imperial stooge--anyone who wields B.S. as an offensive strategy and manipulates others to get ahead)
  • Scientician (scientists and those who style themselves technical gurus be they mad or just pushed around in high school)
Occupations, titles, and organizations that either act as multi-class options or provide some sort of vocational guide for PCs:
  • Space Ranger Corps. (for "lawful" starbucklers and astroasassins)
  • Warrior of the Warp (space Amazonian-Vikings: highly trained and live by a code and yet very boisterous; e.g., St. Examin, Vultan)
  • Lodge of  the Lost Moon (for starbarians who reach a certain level of notoriety and influence; e.g., Masters of the Universe, Dar from Beastmaster, etc.)
  • Lasersniper League (guild for assassins, bounty hunters, and ex-military; e.g., Boba Fett, the Terminator, and let's pretend Barbarella knew how to use a laser rifle.)
  • Supreme Church of Super Science (the largest scientific research body in the known universe; i.e., Vulcan Science Academy with unlimited funding and unchecked ambition)
  • Paragon of the Power Cosmic (for starlockes of a certain level and prestige; i.e., the Jedi Order as led by Dr. Strange, the Silver Surfer, and Darkseid)
One important note about classes--there are no "pilots". Do you go out to your car and consider yourself a "driver". No, you know how to drive. For those characters who "drive professionally in space" I take no pity. Choose a class and consider "space trucker" a cover for something more interesting.

Military pilots are likely some sort of officer in a regional space authority. To clarify, Luke (circa Episode 4), Han, Starbuck, Apollo, Space Ghost, that dork from the Last Starfighter and even Jim Kirk would be starbucklers. Some might have ranks, others might work for themselves--but in the end, they all have similar skills and functions.

I had a stray thought about including a rule that PCs not revealing their class to anyone but the referee until after the first session or other characters figure it out. Just to make things interesting. Any thoughts on that?

NEXT: Androids, Aliens, and Dimensional Interlopers!

I retain copyright on the classes, factions and their descriptons above. I've permission from X-plorers publisher, Brave Halfling to use the game's rules and stats and intend to publish a supplement. It's fine to use them in your personal gaming, but they are not to be published without my express consent. :)