Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Playtest begins in earnest this July!

While I wait for the concept art to take shape, I have the opportunity to get some feedback on rules and setting material. I'm planning on running some Rad Astra sessions beginning in late July. I'll post updates once that gets underway. I'm a little concerned that the player classes are too powerful, so I'm hope to fine tune mechanics.

I'm testing Starbuckler, Astrossassin, and Starbarian first. Space magic and the Astrocaster/Starlocke classes to follow.

And then it's time to work on some alien/robot character creation! (That might be the most asked question I get these days.)

And speaking of concept art, I've been refining source material files (images and text descriptions) for the artist as well as creating a playlist of songs that I think might serve as inspiration. We'll see if it's actually helpful or not. It helps with writing, so I'm hopeful it might do the same with illustration.

Keep your interocitor tuned to this frequency for more updates!