Tuesday, January 5, 2016

PRESTIGE CLASS: Knights of Nuclei

From the heart of Hexuba to her farthest flung fingers, the citizens of the galaxy have long sung tales of the heroic Knights of Nuclei--warriors clad in radically augmented battle armor. 

Knights of Nuclei are wanderers, taking payment in the form of tribute or tips after their escapades. As they crave high adventure above all else, payment is deemed a nuisance--a formality, really. It's against their code to set terms of business before an adventure starts.

Every knight is enthralled  by the pursuit of excellence and purity of her or his deeds. While they have never been great in number, their passion and clarity of purpose is the stuff of starry legend.

In order to become a Nucleic Knight, you must first squire with a journeyman knight in order to learn the ways of the order. Most knights have been around for centuries and have undergone some sort of cybernetic enhancement to continue adventuring in space or harsh environs.

Atomic Armor in Ritual and Practice
Knights regard their appearance in battle with cult-like dedication, hyper-conscious of their reputations and the iconography they employ to support their image. Every knight of the order is learned in constructing their own atomic armor, powered by some exotic element or energy crystal. This process is not undertaken lightly, but is the very threshold quest that bestows knighthood on lowly squires.

Armor is custom to the tastes and fabricated mythos of each knight--as beasts, gods, and other supernatural creatures of the cosmos.

In some cases, you may come across a knight who has taken to long-term suspended animation (further adding to the longevity of the order). Knight's are acutely aware that their legacies are directly related to their ability to get around the galaxy--which takes time. The longer they're "in play" and aggrandizing their daring deeds, the longer their names will echo across eternity.

Rarest of the Order: Knights of Modesty
Since their payment can vary greatly, atomically-powered armor as well as their weaponry (including cybernetics) is a reflection of their service. But even within their own ranks, some knights eschew the ostentatious displays of expensive accouterments. They'll appear as errant paupers, holding themselves to a "higher" moral code of humility and poverty. Though still recognizeable due to their haughty demeanor, these knights confer prestige and poise in the face of even the most dangerous of quests.

Knights of Nuclei will appear in a forthcoming Rad Astra publication. Role-playing tips, the Knights' Code, and armor stats and requirements to be available in publication only.

Inspiration: Sir Didymus, Don Quixote, Outer Spacemen, King Pelinore, Micronauts, Iron Man, ROM Spaceknight