Tuesday, August 2, 2016

First playtest complete!

Just a quick update I'd meant to post a few weeks ago...

On July 15, I ran the first test for character creation and skill checks! I also had a chance to teach players about a new XP system that I'm really excited about. It was a small group of four regular Saturday Night Space Opera players--each one a game master in their own right. All of them have at least toyed with game design--one is a published game designer--so it was a great group to solicit feedback from.

We tested three player classes: Starbuckler, Starbarian, and Astrosassin. Turns out I'd really underestimated player agency in level advancement so I'll continue to make adjustments in that regard.

Next steps:
I'm revising some combat mechanics and then (hopefully) finishing some rules for space magic. If I can get the basics squared away by Labor Day, I think I can move on to space-based encounters (starships, etc.).

Stay tuned for more!