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Do you yearn for a life of carefree adventure? Are you more or less fearless in the face of overwhelming odds (or do you regularly fool yourself into thinking you are?)? Are you constantly getting into scrapes with local space authorities, goading them on until your seems to run out? Then unholster that ray pistol and swing that plasma saber because you're ripe for the life of a STARBUCKLER!

Prerequisite Attributes

  • Wisdom/Presense of 12 or higher is required for this class.

Starbuckler Skills

You've managed to get a ride off that barren rock where you grew up a mold farmer--made your way to the Space Academy--and promptly got yourself expelled. Now what do you do with years of training or apprenticeship and a bad reputation? Become a Starbuckler! Begin your road to infamy with any two of the following skill. Add the modifiers listed in the table below to the appropriate skill check rolls:

LevelHotshot PilotSidearm or SwordplayTumblingSilver TongueSupercharge
1 Brash Brat0+2/
2 Adventurous Apprentice+1+1d4/
3 Headstrong Hero+2+1d4/+1d4+2+1d4+2+2+1d4
4 Callow Cavalier+2+1d4+1/+1d4+3+1d4+3+1d4+1d4+1
5 Fearless Fighter+1d4+1d6+1d6+1d4+1+1d6
6 Scruffy Scoundrel+1d4+1+1d6/+1d6+1+1d6+1+1d4+2+1d6
7 Pirate Prowler+1d6+1d6+1/+1d6+2+1d6+2+1d6+1d+1
8 Rakish Rogue+1d6+1+1d6+1/+1d6+3+1d6+3+1d6+1+1d6+1
9 Dauntless Daredevil+1d6+2+2d6 (both)+2d6+1d6+2+2d6
10 Cosmic Corsair+2d6+2d8+1 (both)+2d6+1+1d8+2d6+1

After reaching Level 5, Starbucklers may add additional skill sets, starting first with the ones listed here and then at their GM's discretion.

Skill Descriptions

Hotshot Pilot (AGL/DEX) - Flying is your natural state. The flight controls to any air vehicle or spacecraft comes naturally to you. At level 7 you can add "Space Ace," to your list of titles.

Sidearm and Swordplay (AGL/DEX) - The bread and butter skills for every Starbuckler. In the skill table, two modifiers are listed for each level--you can choose which is your greater and which is your lesser (this is a permanent selection). Weapon choice should indicate signature weapon for that warrior. Starbuckler's may double-wield any two weapons (minus a rifle) without penalties once they reach level 4.

Typical ranged weapons include:
  • Carbine (conventional) 40 rounds
  • Automatic pistol (conventional) 50 rounds
  • Pistol (laser) 100 rounds
  • Rifle (laser) 80 rounds
  • Double-barrel blaster (laser) 60 rounds
Melee weapons:
  • Saber, cutlass or rapier (metal)
  • Saber (sonic)
  • Saber (laser)
  • Bullwhip/Cat o' Nine Tails (Bullwhip +2 bonus to swing from stuff), CO9T +2 bonus damage)
  • Laser Whip
Tumbling (AGL/DEX) - Dodging out of danger--or into it, as the case may be--is your signature move. Show those stuffy academy chumps how it's done. At level 6 you earn the title "King of the Jungle" and can swing while shooting or sword-swinging without penalties.

Silver Tongue (PRE/CHA) - So you're hanging out in the usual hive of scum and villainy you're outnumbered, outgunned, and the exit is too far to run. You reach down to find your sidearm is missing. Looks like you're in a jam. Better be doing some fast-talkin'. Think of this as an "attitude enhancer" depending on whether you're used to being charming, devious, or just plain pushy. Bluffing, conning/confusing, intimidation--it's all covered here. At level 4 you can choose to acquire a robot companion--or hold out for something better at level 7--an alien wingman!

Technical Repair (INT) - You've had to hotwire yourself out of several messes just to get where you are in life. Now it's time to pick up those power converters and apply yourself! See if you can supe-up that beaten, boat of a spice freighter you're uncle gave you. Covers repairs on all vehicles and spacecraft but if you've got a dedicated ride, you'll earn a set of professional-grade tools at level 5, which will cut repair times by half.

Special Abilities

In addition to the skills listed above, those with ability of 14 on a given attribute may choose one of the following special abilities for that score. You've been in your share of scrapes and you've got a guardian angel on your shoulder. All special abilities may be used once per game session.
  • Strength/Physique - Let the Hammer Down: Drop both fists down on your opponent starship cap'n style!. Let's fly a double fisted attack of 1d4 per fist. If you've got Tumbling as a skill, add your level (level 5 would be 1d5+5/fist).
  • Intelligence - Fly Casual: Usually you just look like you know what you're doing. This time you gain a +1d6 on any INT related feat. Hey, school wasn't all bad!
  • Wisdom/Presence - Don't Get Cocky: Double any Silver Tongue or general PRE/WIS roll. You've earned it.
  • Charisma/Presence - Call in a Favor: Your old buddy, you know the one--that guy. He owes you big time. Summon any friendly NPC in 1d4+1 rounds. Then pray he's not already in more trouble than you currently are.
  • Dexterity/Agility - Shoot First: Initiative is everything. You've got it and a +1d10 to hit bonus to boot. Not even Lucas can tamper with that.
  • Constitution/PhysiqueSkin of Your Teeth: Re-roll on any one evasive maneuver that should had your number, kid..

Need some inspiration?

Here was mine: Flash Gordon, Luke (New Hope, Empire, and early Marvel comics), Han, and Lando (both before RotJ); Corsair, Zorro, Jack Sparrow, the original Apollo and...oh, Starbuck!

NOTE: This post assumes familiarity with X-plorers ruleset, but can be converted easily to other games. Attribute equivalencies for D&D also given.

Visual inspiration:

Follow Jay's board 04 Starbuckler on Pinterest.

STARBUCKLER is copyright Feburary 2014. I've permission from X-plorers publisher, Brave Halfling to use the game's rules and stats and intend to publish a supplement, using the class name and description above. Okay to use in your personal gaming, but not to be published without my express consent. :)


When massive galactic hegmonies topple overnight, you can bet your last pressed latinum credit that some Astrosassin had something to do with it. They are masters of stealth, espionage, and interstellar intrigue, faciliating operations as the fulcrum of covert enterprises--be they private, governmental, or just for hire.

So you tested high on your academy entrance exam and/or climbing the rope in gym class. As such, clean our your closet, because your about to slip on the last suit you'll ever wear--a new identity!

As an Astrosassin you'll want to wear a thermal bodysuit to protect you from harsh climes. You can embellish this outfit as you see fit, but anything more than two pieces of armor (in any combination) is restrictive. Selections vary and may include a harness, helm, titanium sleeve (mail or jointed plate), or lightweight shoulder armor. Footwear is extremely important in astrosassination, in stealth and high performance (running, acrobatics, wallwalking, etc.) so tread carefully.

Prerequisite Attributes
Intelligence of 12 or higher OR Dexterity/Agility of 12 or higher is required for this class.

Astrosassin Skills

Your mind and body have been sharpened and honed into deadly weapons. You're a practiced tactician, master of deception, and highly trained operative with a license to atomize! Add the modifiers in the skill charts below to your roll for those skills.

Intrigue Skills

Astrosassins should pick two skills from this list to start.

LevelGetaway DrivingAstrobaticsMaster of DisguiseComputer HackingStealth
1 Recruit0+1+1+1+1
2 Astroanalyst+1+2+1d4+2+2
3 Skiptracer+2+1d4+d4+1+3+1d4
4 Foxhound+3+1d4+1+1d4+2+1d4+1d4+1
5 Saboteurn+1d4+1+1d6+1d6+1d4+1+1d6
6 Redactor+1d6+1d6+1d6+1+1d4+2+1d6
7 Wetworker+1d6+1+1d6+1+1d6+2+1d6+1d+1
8 Ninjanaut+1d6+2+1d6+1+1d6+3+1d6+1+1d6+1
9 Interstelligent+2d6+2d6+2d6+1d6+2+2d6
10 Master Spyfy+2d6+1+2d6+1+2d6+1+1d8+2d6+1

Assassination Skills

Astrosassins should pick two from this list to start, marksmanship is a freebie.

LevelMartial ArtsToxinsDemolitionsMarksmanshipJanitorial
1 Recruit0+1+1d4+10
2 Agent+1+2+1d4+1+2+1
3 Skiptracer+2+1d4+d4+2+3+2
4 Hound+3+1d4+1+1d4+3+1d4+2
5 Provocateur+1d4+1+1d6+1d6+1d4+1+3
6 Redactor+1d6+1d6+1d6+1+1d4+2+1d4
7 Wetworker+1d6+1+1d6+1+1d6+2+1d6+1d4+1
8 Ninja+1d6+2+1d6+1+1d6+3+1d6+1+1d4+2
9 Interstelligent+2d6+2d6+2d6+1d6+2+1d6+1
10 Master Spy+2d6+1+2d6+1+2d6+1+1d8

After reaching Level 6, Astrosassins may add additional skill sets, starting first with the ones listed here and then at their GM's discretion.

Skill Descriptions

Getaway Driving (AGL/DEX) - You get an adrenaline rush that sharpens your senses and gives you an extra edge behind the wheel or stick of any planetary ground, sea, OR air vehicle. Specialize in one of the three categories and earn a +2 bonus at level 4 for any stunts you attempt.

Astrobatics (AGL/DEX) - Tumbles, leaps, flips, zero-G parkour--it's all at your disposal. You're an escape artist with a flair for the dramatic. Use the bonuses as listed, or double-down on a feat by spending hit points to earn a little extra boost. Must declare your intention to spend points BEFORE you attempt the feat. You can spend up to 4 points per feat. HP spent cannot be restored until next game session.

Master of Disguise (PRE/CHA) Fool your adversaries with a variety of subterfuge abilities:
Precise Vocal Modulation (throw your voice or imitate someone you've heard).
Prosthetic Creation (become an expert in recreating the facial structure for a disguise in 1d4 turns).
Attitude is Everything- You're a master of body language allowing your costume and disguise to pass with incredible believability.

Computer Hacking (INT) - Slice your way past firewalls and passwords and become one with The Grid. There's no data node you can't crack. Once you're in, you'll need regular skill checks to make sure you can cover your tracks and you're not caught.

Stealth (AGL/DEX) - Skill allows astrosassin to evade detection per the modifiers listed. At level 4, character gains an extra attack at the beginning of combat where initiative is won. At level 9, the title of "Shadowshiv" is bestowed out of sheer terror by her or his enemies.

Martial Arts (AGL/DEX) - Astrosassins are well-trained in hand-to-hand combat and pick up Martial Arts as a free skill. They advance normally along the usual modifier table for Martial Arts, but they gain a free subspecialty bonus in one of the six forms below. (They may choose or roll 1d6 randomly):
  1. Kung Furious (+1d4 landed punches per level)
  2. Tae Kwon 0WNED (+2 damage per level for roundhouse kicks)
  3. Zero-G Judo (+1 per level to throw opponent, +1d6 in weightless environments)
  4. Krav MEGA! (+1 per level to hit vulnerable areas of opponent so hard target must roll vs. Pain)
  5. Jujitsooooooooo (+2 meters per level to sonically grapple opponent using only vocal emanations)
  6. Clipped Wing Chun (+1 per level to trap opponent and +1 per level advantage in rendering them unconscious)

Toxins (INT) - You've able to detect, identify, and fabricate a myriad of poisons and other deadly substances either by honing your senses or through chemical analysis. This skill gives you a modest amount of knowledge in astrobiology. At least, when it comes to knowing what poisons kill which alien species.

Demolitions (INT) - You blow stuff up real nice. You know timers, detonators, and all kinds of substances that go boom--including what type of chemical traces they do/do not leave behind. You also have knowledge of structural integrity (knowledge of where to put the explosives to get the biggest ka-blam for your buck).

Marksmanship (AGL/DEX) - Ranged weapons are standard issue in the service. If you choose not to specialize, use the bonuses as listed. Otherwise, a very special weapon to be the only signature you leave behind. You'll earn an extra +1 at levels 3, 6, and 9, plus the ability to repair or customize your baby as you see fit.
  • Shruiken
  • Light Disks of Death
  • Crossbow
  • Needlegun
  • Laser Pistol
  • Laser Sniper Rifle (with scope)
Astrosassins are likewise practiced in the art of timing and, if need be, patience. Astrosassins with initiative have the drop on their targets--which means they've got time to steady their aim. Declare a shot and then wait until next round to fire and see your to hit and weapon damage doubled.

Janitorial (INT) - Part of being the best at what you do is leaving nothing behind that could be used to trace back to you (unless you specifically want it to). So get a sponge, some latex gloves, and a canister of industrial strength Comet Cleaner because you're going to need to erase yourself from the scene. You'll finish up with a little xenomorph acid (diluted, of course!) and a lot of elbow grease. It's not as bad as it sounds, it's just another form of stealth--really!

Special Abilities

In addition to the skills listed above, those with ability of 14 on a given attribute may choose one of the following special abilities for that score. These additional abilities come to you in a zen-like focus of singular and discerning prejudice. All special abilities may be used once per game session.
  • Strength/Physique - Furiosity: Add +1 damage + your level to all your hand-to-hand attacks for 3 rounds.
  • Intelligence - Tactical Smackdown: Your mind is a sharp shruiken, observing everything in the room--entrances, exits, computer panel layouts, display readouts, etc.--with exquisite detail. Remember it for later or use it to your advantage in combat.
  • Wisdom/Presence - Bluffterbuss: Doesn't matter if you're interrogating, charming, or just plain bluffing--you make for one damn convincing argument that's not questioned for 1d4 rounds.
  • Charisma/Presence - Psiblock: Keep nosy minds out of yours for 1d4 + your level rounds.
  • Dexterity/Agility - Silent AND Deadly: Totally unfair stealth skills for 1d6 rounds.
  • Constitution/Physique - Titanium Heart: Boost your strength and endurance for 1d4 rounds by +3.

Measures of Last Resort

Every astrosassin must choose one getaway/gotcha clause that's installed as a recruit. Switch sides all you want, this one stays with you forever:

Dental Denial of Service
Two molars, on opposite sides, are replaced. One is an inward facing self-immoliating emitter for when your cards all turn up jokers. The other, a outward spewing knockout gas that's guaranteed to work against any single biological target--for close encounters with those of the opposite agenda. Let's hope you remember which tooth is which--roll an Intelligence check to be sure (-1 if you're drugged or inebriated).

Black Hole Beam Out
Inside your brain is a microscopic transponder than can only be read by one computer in the galaxy. That computer belongs to the agency that first recruited you. Say the magic words (a code word of your choosing, and relayed only to your GM) and they'll come rescue you for a price: $10,000 per your level +$5,000 (each) for any of your cohorts. In all likelihood they'll pretty much own you after this. One time use. Rescue occurs within in 1d6 rounds.

A single, self-replicating nanite roams your bloodstream at all times. It's mostly harmless, except in the worst kind of event--the one you can't escape. Trigger it with a memory combination of your first kill and your last kiss. Once activated, it will begin doing what it does best until you, your friends, enemies, and the planet beneath your feet are consumed. No returns, no exchanges. The ruling space authority will likely quarantine or neutralize the planet afterwards.

Need some inspiration?

Here was mine: Barbarella, StarCrash, Nick Fury: Agent of SHIELD, The Empire Strikes Back, Pulp Fiction, DUNE, The Matrix, Chuck, a little bit of Pulp Fiction, and--yes...James Bond!

NOTE: This post assumes familiarity with X-plorers ruleset, but can be converted easily to other games. Attribute equivalencies for D&D also given.
Visual inspiration:<

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ASTROSASSIN is copyright 2014. I've permission from X-plorers publisher, Brave Halfling to use the game's rules and stats and intend to publish a supplement, using the class name and description above. Okay to use in your personal gaming, but not to be published without my express consent. :)

Variations on Experience Points for One Shots and Conventions

One of the main incentives during roleplay games (other than, ya know, playing the game!) is to gain XP to level up. But in convention games or one-shot adventures, there's really no chance of continuing that session later on. So what's the motivating factor for players to earn XP?

Top image: Scott Pilgrim Vs. the World

Here are two ways players can get more out of XP in games that are short-lived:

Idea 1: Use XP to Fuel Next Encounter

Call it insta-leveling! We all agree that there's no incentive to hold on to XP in a one-off game to build their character, right? So players might as well try and acquire XP to do more in the current game. Since no one's leveling up let's award XP after each encounter. Players are rewarded for roleplaying (highest value), achieving game goals (medium value), dispatching foes (lowest value).
  • Step 1: Make the XP awards nice and round, so everyone gets 40 each for helping to slay the space dragon and 60 each removing the eggs from her lair. Total = 100
  • Step 2: If they choose to now, players can divide their XP total by 10 (In this example, 100 /10 - 10 points.
  • Step 3: Players can elect to use those points to add to future rolls, spells, impossible feats, or just add to damage. They get to parse it out as they choose in the next encounter, be it combat, checking for traps, fixing the warp drive, etc.
  • Step 3: Repeat through next encounter.

XP earned = XP used!
NOTE: While you may get a fair amount of XP in the first encounter, the next one could be really light on XP. So, think strategically about how you want to spend your XP bonus. You can spend and save, splurge, or save it all up for the end.

A variation for in-game encounters might be to award for solely for roleplaying, so as not to highlight combat as much and really drive them to get into the setting more. The more engaged you are, the more you're rewarded for the next encounter.

Idea 2: Roleplay For Your Rolls

So this is more abstract, and would take some explaining at the table. It's feeling right now like this might be more geared toward newbies specifically.

Basically, anytime a roll is required, the players need to give a deeper explanation of what they're doing. We're dropping XP all together--if we play this style--to make it as simple as possible:

Scenario: During a cantina encounter a PC finds himself in a gunslinging showdown. His dexterity is the same as or lower than his opponent, so he'll need to roll to see if he can pull off a shot before the other dude.

"Hey Bobby, take off that helmet and show him how ugly you are!"
There's not so much, steps, as a scoring system:
  • Roleplay to Roll: Provide details about how you'll pull of feat = +1 to hit 
    • "I lift my head ever so slightly to throw him off, reach for my , but I'm sweating up a storm!"
    • GM confirms this is enough detail to allow the PC to fire his weapon 
  • Signal Your Wingman: Include another PC in your attempt = +2 to hit
    • "I wink at Hoss in hopes that he'll get my cue to throw a drink and distract my enemy."
    • Hoss complies by tossing a shot onto the floor. (Note: Hoss can only roleplay a solution, he can't really perform a separate action like shoot the badguy himself.)
  • Call the Calvalry: Get your whole team involved = +1 to hit for each team member
    • "I whoop and hollar at my crew to shout alien obscenities the moment his hand reaches for his weapon."
    • Team members each roleplay something to help the PC gain an edge in distracting foe.
    • He earns a +1 from each of them to add to his roll
The idea here is for PCs to gain some sort of advantage in the situation. It's essentially everyone understands that the modifiers only apply to whatever action the PC is currently attempting in this round. GM's prerogative: add in extra +1s or give a damage bonus if the your compadres really go for it with the roleplaying antics.

Sometimes, not every situation may lend itself to this kind of co-operative roleplay. The other party members might choose to comply, choose not to, or choose to do something so off-the-wall that it garners more points on their pal's behalf. But it's worth experimenting with to see how your party members get involved.

Remember that RPGs are a "team sport." When you and other players are faced with a situation, this is a chance to encourage one another to think about engaging the team--and be rewarded accordingly!

NOTE: These concepts in are a test phase. Feel free to comment with questions or suggestions!

Sartorial Bonuses: Lando's House of Capes!

Looking to inject a little more gonzo-wahoo-ism into the game? Then crank the dial to 11 with CAPES! Yep, classic science fantasy is ripe with 'em. But now they're more than just a cool accessory--they're functional too! Just stop off at your nearest Mega-star Mall and find this millennium's latest fashions!


"Just because you drive the fastest hunk-a-junk in the galaxy, doesn't mean you have to LOOK like you do!"

PCs can don the following items for attribute or encounter bonus modifiers.
  • Spaced Cape - Dare to leap higher, dodge farther, and make a BOLD entrance in any non-metallic cape grants the wearer +1 PRE. Cost: 200 cr.
  • Spaced Cape To-the-Max! - You old smoothie! Any metallic colored cape (the outer fabric, inner lining, border, or design) shall grant the wearer +2 PRE. Cost: 300 cr.
  • Baller Collar - Fine threads for the discriminating narcissist. Add a collar to any cape and gain an additional +1 PRE. Collars are definitely a fashion statement--any time you enter a room all eyes are on you (no sneak attacks, ever). Cost: 100 cr.
  • Up-to-No-Good Hood - Looking to bring a little mystery into your relationships? Turn your cape into a cloak and earn +1 to your Sleight of Hand skills OR become unnoticed for 1d4 consecutive rounds per game session. Must choose at time of purchase. Cost: 100 cr.
  • Bootylicous Bodysuit or Bikini- Those gymkata lessons have to payoff somehow! Try this skintight getup on for size. It grants wearer +1 AGL and a quick-draw bonus of +1 To Hit when you add straps! Prerequisite: PHY 8 or higher (not everyone can pull off a skintight suit!) Cost: 300 cr.
  • Cosmic Cowl, Skullcap, or Circlet - Tired of not being taken seriously? Cap your credibility gap! Wearer gains +1 INT due to keeping the bean clean and warm. Separate headpiece (i.e., cowls not attached at the neck). Cost 250 cr.
  • Shoot First Vest - This one's a classic! Lots 'o pockets and perfect for when you're stylin' next to your first mate or goin' Solo. +1 AGL in ranged combat (+2 in ranged combat 2 or less areas away!)
  • Dauntless Gauntlets - Are you an archer? No? Do you want to look like one? Elbow-length gloves grant a dashing +1 AGL in melee only. Protects against chafing.  Cost: 100 cr/pair.
  • Go-Go Galactic Boots - Kick-off your next interstellar adventure in these knee-high or higher boots that provide a fashionable +1 PRE, and +1 to roundhouse kicks but -1 to move. Cost: 250 cr/pair.
  • Without-Fear Bandolier - Shoes? Pants? Deodorant? These are merely "options" to a brazen beast like yourself my friend! Let your hair hang out au naturale and get a FREE re-roll when you do something brave and fate fails to recognize! Also comes in Big and Tall sizes. Cost 200 cr.
  • I Got My Aye-Eye On You Patch - Look like a real space pirate and intimidate your foes with your one good eye with this +1 interrogation eye patch! It's see-through so don't even worry about any AGL penalties! Cost: 50 cr.
  • Harness of  Heft / Galactic Girdle - Show off the work you put in with free weights and pad your PHY with an extra +2. Unfortunately only shoulder pads or a helmet are the only other armor you can don. PHY 10 or higher required. Cost 350 cr.
  • Swash-belt-buckle - You're one of a kind with this giant, WWF-sized, shiny belt buckle that gets you a "Look here!" opportunity, once per game. Just say the phrase when you approach your foe in melee combat. Your opponent has to make an INT check. If they fail, you get in a sucker punch at full melee damage. 250 cr. 
FIRST-TIMER SPECIAL: Take a 10% discount when you add any two items in a single purchase!


"I was always getting mine caught in the jetpack--they took it in a few inches and now I can fly straight again!" NOTE: We do complimentary tailoring, just ask!

"You should get down there--they're running a White Sale. Though I'm more into Basic Black myself."

"They didn't charge extra for the peek-a-boo panels! " NOTE: Space Helmet not included 

"GRAAAWWAAAU!" <TRANSLATION: "Finally, a tailor who understands me and my post-modern, deconstructivist tastes!">

"Lando's wide selection means I can go formal, for raids on Imperial fortresses...."

"...or I can go casual for date night!"
"A career change for both of us meant new wardrobes on the double!"

"I only need one eye to command the respect of my crew!"

"These gloves have 'heartthrob' written all over them--thanks Lando!"

"Finally, I can skip laundry day! (Let's be honest, I was doing that before.)"
"Don't see anything you like? Let us take a look at our stockroom or we can even special order."

"That Lando is one SMOOTH salesman!"

"I saved 10% on my first visit to Lando's House of Capes--and you can too! Tell them Ming sent you!" 

NOTE: These are ballpark costs. Quick reminder about attributes in X-plorers:
  • PHY - Physique
  • INT = Intelligence
  • AGL = Agility
  • PRE = Presence


"Suddenly have a craving for an Oreo and birdseed blizzard..."
Are you a muscle-bound brute who's recently become custodian of a far away and savage planet? Congratulations, you're a Starbarian!* You've just joined the ranks of battle-savvy, star warriors that excel at warmongering planetside in light attire. As such, clean our your closet, because you can only wear one piece of armor (anything higher than leather). Common choices include a harness, helm, sleeve of steel (mail or jointed plate), or shield.

Prerequisite Attributes
Strength/Physique of 13 or higher OR Dexterity/Agility of 13 or higher is required for this class.

The robo death squad was unsure if it was Helga's *Galactic Guts* or flair for feathered headgear that roused them to battle.
Starbarian Skills
Just because you're a ragin' brute, doesn't mean you can't handle yourself around technology! Maybe you're a lost traveler from another star, stranded on a strange and savage planet. Never fear, Starbarians can start with any two of the following skills and benefit from the modifiers listed below:

LevelPilot Ancient TechSurvivalWeapons SpecialistBeast WhispererStealth
1 Tendertoes+1+2+1d4+1+2
2 Furfang+1+1d4+1d4+1+2+1d4
3 Bonescratcher+2+1d4+d4+2+3+1d4
4 Battleaxe+3+1d4+1+1d4+3+1d4+1d4+1
5 Warrior at Arms+1d4+1+1d6+1d6+1d4+1+1d6
6 Doom Dealer+1d6+1d6+1d6+1+1d4+2+1d6
7 Moon Mauler+1d6+1+1d6+1+1d6+2+1d6+1d+1
8 Vanquisher of the Void+1d6+2+1d6+1+1d6+3+1d6+1+1d6+1
9 Guardian of the Galaxy+2d6+2d6+2d6+1d6+2+2d6
10 Champion of the Cosmos+2d6+1+2d6+1+2d6+1+1d8+2d6+1

After reaching Level 5, Starbarians may add additional skill sets, starting first with the ones listed here and then at their GM's discretion.

Skill Descriptions

"I can't believe he wanted extra for the windsheild!"
Pilot Ancient Tech - Drive one type of land, sea, or air vehicle with extra proficiency. Technology is typically of an abandoned nature and therefore difficult to fix. Starbarian will need to take vehicle to a local technician (i.e., wizard) for repairs or modifications.

Survival - For this class, Survial covers running, free-hand climbing, swimming, leaping, and enduring extreme climates. At level 10, Starbarian earns the title "Planetstrider".

Weapons Specialist - Starbarian gains bonus in any of the following weapon categories. At level 5, Starbarian can wield any melee-weapon type of her or his choosing, with each hand and suffer no penalty in combat. Weapon choice should indicate signature weapon for that warrior. Acceptable weapons include:
  • Club (bone)
  • Scythe (bone)
  • Mace (metal)
  • Axe (stone)
  • Axe (metal)
  • Sword (bone)
  • Sword (metal)
  • Spear (stone)
  • Spear (metal)
Warrior may substitute the double-wielding ability for the one following ranged weapons, which will come with a quiver or bandolier of extra ammo. Bandolier holds twice the ammo listed below:
  • Sling (12 stones)
  • Crossbow (10 bolts)
  • Longbow (10 arrows)
  • Conventional handgun, non-automatic (6 rounds)
  • Raygun (6 blasts)
  • Laser rifle (6 blasts)
"Father, Igoo made a mesa went he went #2."
Beast Whisperer - Communicate orders to native animal life. At Level 5, Starbarian can take a familiar. If character forgoes familar at level 5, she/he can take a faithful mount at level 7. At level 10, Starbarian gains telepathic connection with that familiar or mount, regardless of Wisdom or Presence attribute score--and the title of "Beastshiner." This skill also helps in communicating with beast-like races of humanoids.
Stealth - Skill allows Starbarian to duck detection per the bonuses listed. At level 6, character gains an extra attack at the beginning of combat where initiative is won. At level 10, the title of "Ghostslither" is conferred with much respect of his or her foes.

Special Abilities
In addition to the skills listed above, those with ability of 14 on a given attribute may choose one of the following special abilities for that score. These additional abilities probably manifested through a spiritual connection to the planet--and only work while on that world. All special abilities may be used once per game session.
  • Strength/Physique - Supernova: Starbarian flies into battle rage, which adds an extra attack for 1d6+1 rounds during combat.
  • Intelligence - Starspeake: Starbarian speaks in tongues an ancient magic that grants them supreme focus (+3) in any single task for 3 rounds.
  • Wisdom/Presence - PsyEyes: Starbarian can see through any familiar or friendly character's eyes for 1d4 rounds.
  • Charisma/Presence - Galactic Guts: Whether facing foes or rallying allies, Starbarian gains a +3 to intimidation of enemies or inspiring morale in comrades for 3 rounds.
  • Dexterity/Agility - Quickening: Double movement for 1d4 rounds without penalty.
  • Constitution/Physique - Bones of Stone/Blood of Shade: Survival OR Stealth skill goes through the roof for 1d4 rounds by doubling bonus.

Need some inspiration?
Here was mine: Zandor of the Herculoids, He-Man, John Carter of Mars, Tarzan, Blackstar, Beastmaster, Warlord, Gor, and yes, Thundarr.

NOTE: This post assumes familiarity with X-plorers ruleset, but can be converted easily to other games. Attribute equivalencies for D&D also given.
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*STARBARIAN may be replaced with WARRIOR OF THE WARP or WARPBARIAN or something else entirely, upon publication. I've permission from X-plorers publisher, Brave Halfling to use the game's rules and stats and intend to publish a supplement, using the class name and description above. Okay to use in your personal gaming, but not to be published without my express consent. :)