Saturday, February 15, 2014

Sartorial Bonuses: Lando's House of Capes!

Looking to inject a little more gonzo-wahoo-ism into the game? Then crank the dial to 11 with CAPES! Yep, classic science fantasy is ripe with 'em. But now they're more than just a cool accessory--they're functional too! Just stop off at your nearest Mega-star Mall and find this millennium's latest fashions!


"Just because you drive the fastest hunk-a-junk in the galaxy, doesn't mean you have to LOOK like you do!"

PCs can don the following items for attribute or encounter bonus modifiers.
  • Spaced Cape - Dare to leap higher, dodge farther, and make a BOLD entrance in any non-metallic cape grants the wearer +1 PRE. Cost: 200 cr.
  • Spaced Cape To-the-Max! - You old smoothie! Any metallic colored cape (the outer fabric, inner lining, border, or design) shall grant the wearer +2 PRE. Cost: 300 cr.
  • Baller Collar - Fine threads for the discriminating narcissist. Add a collar to any cape and gain an additional +1 PRE. Collars are definitely a fashion statement--any time you enter a room all eyes are on you (no sneak attacks, ever). Cost: 100 cr.
  • Up-to-No-Good Hood - Looking to bring a little mystery into your relationships? Turn your cape into a cloak and earn +1 to your Sleight of Hand skills OR become unnoticed for 1d4 consecutive rounds per game session. Must choose at time of purchase. Cost: 100 cr.
  • Bootylicous Bodysuit or Bikini- Those gymkata lessons have to payoff somehow! Try this skintight getup on for size. It grants wearer +1 AGL and a quick-draw bonus of +1 To Hit when you add straps! Prerequisite: PHY 8 or higher (not everyone can pull off a skintight suit!) Cost: 300 cr.
  • Cosmic Cowl, Skullcap, or Circlet - Tired of not being taken seriously? Cap your credibility gap! Wearer gains +1 INT due to keeping the bean clean and warm. Separate headpiece (i.e., cowls not attached at the neck). Cost 250 cr.
  • Shoot First Vest - This one's a classic! Lots 'o pockets and perfect for when you're stylin' next to your first mate or goin' Solo. +1 AGL in ranged combat (+2 in ranged combat 2 or less areas away!)
  • Dauntless Gauntlets - Are you an archer? No? Do you want to look like one? Elbow-length gloves grant a dashing +1 AGL in melee only. Protects against chafing.  Cost: 100 cr/pair.
  • Go-Go Galactic Boots - Kick-off your next interstellar adventure in these knee-high or higher boots that provide a fashionable +1 PRE, and +1 to roundhouse kicks but -1 to move. Cost: 250 cr/pair.
  • Without-Fear Bandolier - Shoes? Pants? Deodorant? These are merely "options" to a brazen beast like yourself my friend! Let your hair hang out au naturale and get a FREE re-roll when you do something brave and fate fails to recognize! Also comes in Big and Tall sizes. Cost 200 cr.
  • I Got My Aye-Eye On You Patch - Look like a real space pirate and intimidate your foes with your one good eye with this +1 interrogation eye patch! It's see-through so don't even worry about any AGL penalties! Cost: 50 cr.
  • Harness of  Heft / Galactic Girdle - Show off the work you put in with free weights and pad your PHY with an extra +2. Unfortunately only shoulder pads or a helmet are the only other armor you can don. PHY 10 or higher required. Cost 350 cr.
  • Swash-belt-buckle - You're one of a kind with this giant, WWF-sized, shiny belt buckle that gets you a "Look here!" opportunity, once per game. Just say the phrase when you approach your foe in melee combat. Your opponent has to make an INT check. If they fail, you get in a sucker punch at full melee damage. 250 cr. 
FIRST-TIMER SPECIAL: Take a 10% discount when you add any two items in a single purchase!


"I was always getting mine caught in the jetpack--they took it in a few inches and now I can fly straight again!" NOTE: We do complimentary tailoring, just ask!

"You should get down there--they're running a White Sale. Though I'm more into Basic Black myself."

"They didn't charge extra for the peek-a-boo panels! " NOTE: Space Helmet not included 

"GRAAAWWAAAU!" <TRANSLATION: "Finally, a tailor who understands me and my post-modern, deconstructivist tastes!">

"Lando's wide selection means I can go formal, for raids on Imperial fortresses...."

"...or I can go casual for date night!"
"A career change for both of us meant new wardrobes on the double!"

"I only need one eye to command the respect of my crew!"

"These gloves have 'heartthrob' written all over them--thanks Lando!"

"Finally, I can skip laundry day! (Let's be honest, I was doing that before.)"
"Don't see anything you like? Let us take a look at our stockroom or we can even special order."

"That Lando is one SMOOTH salesman!"

"I saved 10% on my first visit to Lando's House of Capes--and you can too! Tell them Ming sent you!" 

NOTE: These are ballpark costs. Quick reminder about attributes in X-plorers:
  • PHY - Physique
  • INT = Intelligence
  • AGL = Agility
  • PRE = Presence

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