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Do you yearn for a life of carefree adventure? Are you more or less fearless in the face of overwhelming odds (or do you regularly fool yourself into thinking you are?)? Are you constantly getting into scrapes with local space authorities, goading them on until your seems to run out? Then unholster that ray pistol and swing that plasma saber because you're ripe for the life of a STARBUCKLER!

Prerequisite Attributes

  • Wisdom/Presense of 12 or higher is required for this class.

Starbuckler Skills

You've managed to get a ride off that barren rock where you grew up a mold farmer--made your way to the Space Academy--and promptly got yourself expelled. Now what do you do with years of training or apprenticeship and a bad reputation? Become a Starbuckler! Begin your road to infamy with any two of the following skill. Add the modifiers listed in the table below to the appropriate skill check rolls:

LevelHotshot PilotSidearm or SwordplayTumblingSilver TongueSupercharge
1 Brash Brat0+2/
2 Adventurous Apprentice+1+1d4/
3 Headstrong Hero+2+1d4/+1d4+2+1d4+2+2+1d4
4 Callow Cavalier+2+1d4+1/+1d4+3+1d4+3+1d4+1d4+1
5 Fearless Fighter+1d4+1d6+1d6+1d4+1+1d6
6 Scruffy Scoundrel+1d4+1+1d6/+1d6+1+1d6+1+1d4+2+1d6
7 Pirate Prowler+1d6+1d6+1/+1d6+2+1d6+2+1d6+1d+1
8 Rakish Rogue+1d6+1+1d6+1/+1d6+3+1d6+3+1d6+1+1d6+1
9 Dauntless Daredevil+1d6+2+2d6 (both)+2d6+1d6+2+2d6
10 Cosmic Corsair+2d6+2d8+1 (both)+2d6+1+1d8+2d6+1

After reaching Level 5, Starbucklers may add additional skill sets, starting first with the ones listed here and then at their GM's discretion.

Skill Descriptions

Hotshot Pilot (AGL/DEX) - Flying is your natural state. The flight controls to any air vehicle or spacecraft comes naturally to you. At level 7 you can add "Space Ace," to your list of titles.

Sidearm and Swordplay (AGL/DEX) - The bread and butter skills for every Starbuckler. In the skill table, two modifiers are listed for each level--you can choose which is your greater and which is your lesser (this is a permanent selection). Weapon choice should indicate signature weapon for that warrior. Starbuckler's may double-wield any two weapons (minus a rifle) without penalties once they reach level 4.

Typical ranged weapons include:
  • Carbine (conventional) 40 rounds
  • Automatic pistol (conventional) 50 rounds
  • Pistol (laser) 100 rounds
  • Rifle (laser) 80 rounds
  • Double-barrel blaster (laser) 60 rounds
Melee weapons:
  • Saber, cutlass or rapier (metal)
  • Saber (sonic)
  • Saber (laser)
  • Bullwhip/Cat o' Nine Tails (Bullwhip +2 bonus to swing from stuff), CO9T +2 bonus damage)
  • Laser Whip
Tumbling (AGL/DEX) - Dodging out of danger--or into it, as the case may be--is your signature move. Show those stuffy academy chumps how it's done. At level 6 you earn the title "King of the Jungle" and can swing while shooting or sword-swinging without penalties.

Silver Tongue (PRE/CHA) - So you're hanging out in the usual hive of scum and villainy you're outnumbered, outgunned, and the exit is too far to run. You reach down to find your sidearm is missing. Looks like you're in a jam. Better be doing some fast-talkin'. Think of this as an "attitude enhancer" depending on whether you're used to being charming, devious, or just plain pushy. Bluffing, conning/confusing, intimidation--it's all covered here. At level 4 you can choose to acquire a robot companion--or hold out for something better at level 7--an alien wingman!

Technical Repair (INT) - You've had to hotwire yourself out of several messes just to get where you are in life. Now it's time to pick up those power converters and apply yourself! See if you can supe-up that beaten, boat of a spice freighter you're uncle gave you. Covers repairs on all vehicles and spacecraft but if you've got a dedicated ride, you'll earn a set of professional-grade tools at level 5, which will cut repair times by half.

Special Abilities

In addition to the skills listed above, those with ability of 14 on a given attribute may choose one of the following special abilities for that score. You've been in your share of scrapes and you've got a guardian angel on your shoulder. All special abilities may be used once per game session.
  • Strength/Physique - Let the Hammer Down: Drop both fists down on your opponent starship cap'n style!. Let's fly a double fisted attack of 1d4 per fist. If you've got Tumbling as a skill, add your level (level 5 would be 1d5+5/fist).
  • Intelligence - Fly Casual: Usually you just look like you know what you're doing. This time you gain a +1d6 on any INT related feat. Hey, school wasn't all bad!
  • Wisdom/Presence - Don't Get Cocky: Double any Silver Tongue or general PRE/WIS roll. You've earned it.
  • Charisma/Presence - Call in a Favor: Your old buddy, you know the one--that guy. He owes you big time. Summon any friendly NPC in 1d4+1 rounds. Then pray he's not already in more trouble than you currently are.
  • Dexterity/Agility - Shoot First: Initiative is everything. You've got it and a +1d10 to hit bonus to boot. Not even Lucas can tamper with that.
  • Constitution/PhysiqueSkin of Your Teeth: Re-roll on any one evasive maneuver that should had your number, kid..

Need some inspiration?

Here was mine: Flash Gordon, Luke (New Hope, Empire, and early Marvel comics), Han, and Lando (both before RotJ); Corsair, Zorro, Jack Sparrow, the original Apollo and...oh, Starbuck!

NOTE: This post assumes familiarity with X-plorers ruleset, but can be converted easily to other games. Attribute equivalencies for D&D also given.

Visual inspiration:

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STARBUCKLER is copyright Feburary 2014. I've permission from X-plorers publisher, Brave Halfling to use the game's rules and stats and intend to publish a supplement, using the class name and description above. Okay to use in your personal gaming, but not to be published without my express consent. :)

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