Thursday, March 17, 2016

Seeking Artists for Concepting

Rad Astra is heavily influenced by the science fiction and fantasy of the 1970s and 80s. I'm currently looking for illustrators to help flesh out visual concepts (e.g., character classes, technology, spacecraft, aliens/monsters, scenes) for the setting.

My immediate need is for 3-5 black and white concept illustrations for the following four core character classes:
  • Starbuckler - Luke, Han, Leia & Lando, Starbuck & Apollo
  • Starbarian - Thundarr, Beastmaster, She-ra, St. Examin
  • Astrocaster - Dr. Strange, Sorceress (MotU), Adam Warlock, Evil Lynn
  • Astrosassin - Barbarella, Stella Star, Black Widow, Gamora

*Astrocaster's description is pending completion, but there is enough to give you some general direction.

If interested, please send me a message via my Google Plus profile (private message or email listed there). Please include your rate sheet for commission work.  I can't consider hiring anyone without this basic information (sorry).

Setting Influences and Inspiration
Check out the Player Character classes and Rad Appendix for inspiration. The Rad Astra and Space Opera Pinterest boards below should also be useful.


  1. Hey, Guys! A friend of mine just sent me a link to your site and this article.. I'd like to just give you a link to my work and see if you're interested. My email is But just from what little I read, your project sounds right up my alley... Specially with the time frame and scifi genre. Please take a look and keep me in mind.

    Thanks a lot!

    James Hislope

    1. Thanks for sending your info James--I'll take a look!